Flight of the Phoenix

Flight of the Phoenix
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The propeller spins so fast it flies ahead of the plane, cutting into the fuselage as it passes. The plane finally ditches but not before hitting the top of a natural arch and crests of about 80 dunes. Once the storm is over they wait for rescue. They change their minds after despair creeps in and a mysterious passenger Elliott reveals he designed planes for a living and claims he can build a new one from the wreck.

The rest of the movie the crew face thirst, accidental explosion, infighting, and trade gunfire with horse wranglers. Kelly Johnson Miranda Otto plays the geologist, or at least I think so.

Flight Of The Phoenix - 2004 - Official Trailer [HD]

No, Atlanta is. You said you would find oil here.

You screw up, you pay the price. She wears no helmet. It would take weeks exploration wells tend to be deep. I could go on. Total crap.

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Of course, the movie is not intended to make sense scientifically. It gets old quickly.

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The jokes are tasteless and poorly delivered. I squirmed instead from impatience and a disappointing plot which takes forever to unfold. Notable: The movie opens with an awesome song by Johnny Cash.

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Flight of the Phoenix is a American survival drama film and a remake of a film of the same name, both based on the novel The Flight of the. The Flight of the Phoenix is a American drama film starring James Stewart, produced and directed by Robert Aldrich, and based on the novel The.

The redeeming factor of this movie is the spectacular footage of endless desert dunes, shot in Namibia. You're closing me down. Geologist screwed up. Off the clock. Rigs attract the sorriest bunch.

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Kiss the Lucky Man. Experiencing some turbulence.

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Plane is too heavy. Even the chef knows. When the revolver is fired, it appears that the anemic. Elliot Giovanni Ribisi then uses it to end an argument among the survivors as to what to do with the nomad. Ian Hugh Laurie later holds it on Elliot when the designer's qualifications are revealed. Several of the nomads can be seen with AK rifles, both fixed and folding-stock models, casings of which are also found around what's left of Kyle Bob Brown 's body when Towns finds him while searching for James Liddle Scott Michael Campbell. Some Vektor R5's are recovered when the survivors search the nomads' camp following the shooting, but are not seen in the survivors' possession after Elliott executes the surviving nomad.

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As they are of the same family as the AK, the furniture and sight blocks are easily changed. The magazines are the original R5 mags for 5.

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One of the nomads can be seen wielding a Karabiner 98k while charging the Phoenix on horseback. In an extended scene from the film, one of the nomads can be seen with a PPSh slung on his back while chasing the Phoenix. Several of the nomads in the final scene can be seen wielding double-barreled shotguns of unknown make and model, at least one having sawed-off barrels.

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Clear your history. The tale of a desperate struggle for survival against the elements in the face of seemingly unsurmountable odds was of a nature with the stories of Shackleton and St. Mozaffar A Far-Flunger offers questions that illuminate the themes of Tarantino's latest. Parents Guide. Trevor does better in his evocation of the brutal heat of the Sahara and description of the gradual deterioration of men under extreme physical and mental stress, as well as the aforementioned technical details.

The biplane however fails to see the flare, despite it having nearly hit the aircraft. Jump to: navigation , search. Namespaces Page Discussion.