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Received From: Anke Bullendorf. Received From: Erik Van Amerom. OMG, this has to be the most boring bag ever manufactured. I'm sure there's a good reason they printed airberlin. Now they got it right side up. But unfortunately, it's horribly boring and corporate. Although this bag looks like it's upside down, if you throw up in it and hold it right-side-up, you will create quite a mess.

Air Berlin decided to add some interesting text to the bag: Did something disagree with you? Our guest relation team is ready to help you with any issue you might need resolved at airberlin.

Finally, instead of having separate bags on airlines and in movies, Air Berlin marries the two into a single bag. M'Barek admonishing you to Kotz Leise or "Barf quietly". Print or Image Color: Black, Blue. Air Bourbon Approximate Vintage: One of the least interesting bags in all of the Reunion Islands. Nice bird of paradise? Air Busan Approximate Vintage: Received From: Toshiaki Anan. Very reminiscent of the newest Korean Air bags. Air Busan only has a fleet of 11 planes in anyway. Air Cairo Approximate Vintage: Received From: Massimiliano Melis.

Print or Image Color: Red and Brown. Even though Air Cairo is an airline, it appears they printed a sailboat on the bag. Melis the donor says, "Air Cairo - Cairo Aviation is a strange company. While they operate as Air Cairo, their jets have the Cairo Aviation label. Crisp black on white. What else could you ask for besides thought and design? Same as other black and white bags, except bottom says DRG minus the word 'packaging'. Oh those nutty manufacturers. In a stunning departure from its other non-descript offerings, Air Canada changes the bags instructions.

Whereas they once instructed you to fold away from you, now they encourage you to fold toward you. Air Canada Approximate Vintage: Received From: Joyce Weiner. Sports several ubiquitous circular maple leaves. Sports a single ubiquitous circular maple leaf. Received From: Brian Stevens. The newer, sportier version with the striped maple leaf. However, unlike the striped maple tree, the stripes go horizontal instead of vertical. Received From: Christopher Wren. Same as other bag, except manufactured by Winpak, not DRG. Identical to Gunter bottomed bag, except from a different manufacturer.

Identical to year bag, except for the closing mechanism. Identical to year bag, except the bottom printing is flipped. Just like every other Air Canada bag except for the syringe warning at the bottom of the bag that says, "Please ask your flight attendant for the proper disposal of a used needle. Who can get needles through security? And who is shooting up on planes?

One other thing to note: While there is the needle with a line through it meaning "No needles", there's a circle with no line through it with a guy throwing up. A clean and beautiful design whose palm fronds remind you that you'll soon be getting over your motion sickness on a tropical island.

Received From: Jean-Charles Dayot. The design is simpler now, displaying a saw palmetto behind the letter 'A'. OMG Are you kidding me? Air Ceylon! Ceylon hasn't been a country since so you know this bag is old. Not surprisingly, it's one of my favorites, hardly any English on it at all. Identical to other version , except it has a yellow tab. Identical to other version , except it has an orange tab.

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Air China Approximate Vintage: Identical to earlier yellow tabbed version, except the Chinese writing on the yellow now orange tab has changed. Received From: Linda Phillips. Orange Seal, rounded font, no printing on back. This bag is an amalgamation of the front of the bag and the back of the bag. Received From: Jerry Borowick. This is identical to the earlier Air China with a red seal except the middle Chinese character has changed!

What could this new bag say? Is it political correctness? Once again, a museum visitor to the rescue. Bag scholar Robin Gomi says, "The middle character is a "simplified" version of the older complicated Chinese character. The three Chinese characters on the bottom combine to mean "clean and pure bag". Thanks for clearing that up, Robin! Print or Image Color: Blue and Red. A sleeker, sexier Air China than proffered in the past. Received From: Marty St. Exactly the same as other Air China, except somebody's graphic design layout program went haywire.

A monstrosity appears on the bag because the scale of the arrow is much too large.

10-Aug-1881 › Page 8

Received From: Roger Macrae. Another year, another bag for Air China. This design is sleeker and sexier than previous versions. Very soothing, I understand. Received From: Churchill Franklin. Air China rearranges their bag again, for no particular reason it seems to me. Received From: Ray Cranfield. This bag is almost identical to the bag except the ticker on the front is offset a bit and the rectangle on the adhesive strip on the back is red.

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Developing the idea hjrther, o cartridge with up to 8Mb storage capacily could be used lo hold the new Workbench 2, As 1 understand it, the new Workbench is out of reach of a lot of users due to the new Kickstart and the large amount oF memory it occupies. Received From: Akiko Mitsui. English as foreign language. Beware, however; not everything that looks good, tastes good. For, suddenly up- conjured from tlie Main, iwlints rose to liide trie Land - Itial search, Ihougrt long And eager, mlr tit still be pursued In vain. RPGs have experienced a resurgence recently. Ah, but the screen was flickering awoy becouse I was running in interlace mode.

Received From: Bill McClory. This design is identical to the design, except they left off the "open" directive on the front of the bag. This design is identical to the design, except for the new purple tear strip. This bag is identical to the other bag except in the gusset of this bag you find Chinese Characters, not the English letter "A".

Received From: Marcus Johns. Same as the version except the "Open" instruction now has an arrow next to it. Plus, there is a blue dashed line at the top where the scoring is. Thanks for the improvements, Air China!

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This bag is identical to the other Air China bag except the gusset contains the English letter "A" instead of 2 Chinese characters Ching and Watashi? This is an incredibly cheesy bag that the designers just gave up on. You can hardly even read the company name because the reverse-text is so ill advised.

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Why have the rectangle at all? Someone at the now defunct Air Columbus might be able to tell you. Print or Image Color: Blue and Gold. You might be tempted to guess that this carrier serves Columbus, Georgia, but it's actually a defunct Portugeuse airline. Air Comet Approximate Vintage: Print or Image Color: Navy, Green. Eerily similar to the Sky Air bag.