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T rust Kate Bush , never one to explain, to complicate the straightforward lyrics collection. Mitchell intermingles charming fannish detail with close textual analysis that illuminates familiar songs: it is God, he points out, not the devil, who allows the man and woman to exchange their sexual experiences on Running Up That Hill, an act of divinity rather than transgression.

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But Mitchell is wrong on one key point. This understanding is one thread of How to Be Invisible , which splits selections from her catalogue across 10 newly curated sections, offering no clear framing devices.

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Here is how we might find her, wedding Snowflake and Hounds of Love into a consideration of the perils of succumbing to love; contemplating alchemy and evolution from Cloudbusting , about a child losing faith in a parent, to Bertie, a tribute to how her son transformed her life. Houdini and Get Out of My House bookend her strident interrogation in how to remain open to pleasure but protected from deception.

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Two sections dwell on gender. Joanni, her portrait of Joan of Arc, is juxtaposed with an indictment of masculine warmongering Army Dreamers.

Later, Bush explores masculine and feminine perspectives, contemplating desire Reaching Out and obligation Night of the Swallow , never reaching trite conclusions. Children Corner. Islamic Magazines. Dates Sweets.

Back to Home Page Previous Page. The Shakespeare of Persian literature, and in this complete collection of his lyrical poetry the Divan-I Hafiz, we have without a doubt one of the world's greatest literary achievements. Translated here into English from the edition of Parviz Natil Khanlari.

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The primary aim has been to render the poems as literally as possible while trying to convey some sense of the poetry to the reader who lacks knowledge of Persian. It is presented with extensive annotation by one of today's most eminent scholars of Persian literature.

As a child he was introduced to Fitzgerald's paraphrase of Omar Khayyam's quatrains which led to a lifelong interest in Persian poetry.